A Closer Look at the Sparrow Hawk 2 Oil Skimmer

At Ambar Environmental, our goal is providing flexible and effective oil skimming equipment that fits your specific needs and functionality demands. We offer several models of cutting-edge, high-quality oil skimmers for a variety of tasks -- our skimmers are capable of handling everything from small sumps and collection tanks to enormous basins or … [Read more...]

Oil Skimmers for Small Sumps

When it comes to cleaning water and ensuring it is ready for treatment, no job is too big or too small for the right oil skimmer. While it’s true that small sumps are often overlooked in terms of the need for pre-cleaning, an oil skimmer sized appropriately for your sump can result in big efficiency and longevity gains for your water treatment … [Read more...]

Oil Skimmers on CNC Machine Performance

Precision and efficiency count when it comes to CNC machines. While CNC (short for computer numerical control) processes are designed with super-human accuracy and reliability in mind, even devices that rely on computer calculations can fall prey to the same environmental hazards present for human-operated equipment. Dirt, grime, oil, and other … [Read more...]

Oil Skimmers for Storm Water

Dealing with storm water is a necessary evil on any industrial or construction project. When storm water gathers in your catch basin or threatens to overflow your collection tanks, it is absolutely critical that you are able to sufficiently clean the water of oil and other insolubles. Meeting the necessary regulatory requirements of cleaning and … [Read more...]

Advantages of Rope Skimmers

One of the greatest challenges of cleaning wastewater is avoiding inefficiency. Some cleaning solutions can certainly remove oil from water, but at the cost of wasting thousands of gallons of water in the process. An efficient, environmentally focused, and cost-minded business must always focus on methods that allow for the cleaning of water … [Read more...]

Belt Skimmers Keep Your Wastewater Clean

Cleaning the surface of wastewater is a critical step in industrial operations. While you can rely on a wastewater treatment plan that doesn’t rely on skimming, incorporating a skimmer into your treatment protocols can dramatically lessen the wear and tear on your hardware. With 95% of insoluble materials removed before the water goes to … [Read more...]

Equalization Tank/Basin

Equalization tanks and basins are a critical component when it comes to dealing with wastewater and recycled water from plant operations. Equalization tanks give you the ability to better control the flow of your wastewater and to ensure that surges or lulls in activity do not force undue wear and tear on your treatment equipment. Simply put, … [Read more...]

API Separator Tanks

API separator tanks are one of the most efficient and effective methods of separating water from contaminants. Thanks to their unique design, which relies almost entirely on gravity, API tanks are able to separate wastewater both from floating insolubles such as oil and debris as well as heavy insolubles like dirt and other sediment. Using an API … [Read more...]

Oil Skimmers and Oil Fracturing Technology

Hyrdraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking,” is an increasingly popular method for the harvesting of natural gas from rock formations. In the process, a dense mixture of sand, water, and special chemicals are introduced at high pressure into shale that holds natural pockets of natural gas. As the rock breaks, the gas is released for … [Read more...]

Oil Skimmers as a Waste Water Pre-Treatment

Waste water treatment is no easy task. It requires a deep knowledge of water, contaminants, appropriate disposal methods, and the rules and regulations that govern each of these elements. Additionally, you'll need specialized equipment and trained technicians who know how to operate it. The exact requirements for your waste water treatment depend … [Read more...]